Monday, December 5, 2011

About Me:

My name is Faith- well to be honest that is the name that I am using for this blog for privacy issues :) When first deciding to blog I was contimplating it because its so public, but to tell you the truth its no more public than a facebook or anything similiar. There are so many things going on in my life but I think first off I think im going to start by telling a little bit about me before I go off on a tangent about my life:) My parents divorced when I was very little, dont even remember them being together just remember them trying to stay as far as they could away from each other and fighting over me. It was rough growing up I have always loved the memory that I have but when I think of a lot of my childhood from way back from when I was 2-5 I remember so many no so happy parents of my life.From 7 up I remember my life that my mother had with my step father and my life with my three older brothers.  My father never dated anyone after my mother until about almost 4 years ago and then he married her a little over a year ago she is very nice, she has two children that I actally went to school with growing up. By my parents I am an only child, my father has no other children and my mother has one daughter that she conceived with my step father when I was twelve and then they adopted my youngest sister when I was 19. I then have 3 step brothers from my mother and step fathers marriage.  I moved out when I was 18 and things changed faster than ever unfortunately in the wrong way but I can honestly say that with everything that has happened in my life I would not change a thing. I have made it through so many different things, somethings people could not even fathom going thru; from multiple miscarriages to drug and alcohol treatment to the death of my best friend in 2005 and living a life from one physically abusive relationship to the next. A lot of what your going to read in my blog is a story of my life and how I personally went thru it and how it has made me stronger, please note that somethings you're about to read are not going to be sugarcoated and might have profanity. I figured I better start by getting to a bit of happier things before I lose ya :) 

 Here is a list of things that I love

<3 Loves <3
  1. first and foremost I love my family
  2. my Lord Jesus Christ 
  3. the very few friends that I have
  4. chinese food but not as much as I love speghetti
  5. the color pink & burnt orange
  6. pickels
  7. STIX
  8. (just noticed this today) folding laundry to clear my head
  9. watching my son coo to him self
  10. the little mermaid the movie
  11. baby Orangoutangs
  12. having my picture taken
  13. taking pictures of my little boy growing big
  1. liars (one of the fastest ways to ruin any kind of relationship with me)
  2. cheaters
  3. people who can not speak there mind
  4. people who dont follow thru with what they say there going to do
  5. CHEESE ( gross story...coming soon)
  6. mushrooms
  7. Katy Perry
  8. vain people
  9. doing dishes by hand :(
  10. vomitting

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