Thursday, December 8, 2011

Valley Hope Baby!!!! :)

I entered voluntarily into Valley Hope Rehabilation Center September 29, 2009. Althought I consider September 30, 2009 as my sobriety date because when I decided that I needed treatment I still had drugs in my system. My mom and I woke up very early the morning of Sept 29th to prepare our selves for almost a two hour trip to this treatment center, I slept most of the way. Once we arrived we were to go to the administration office to check in, we were then to go to the main building where there were people walking around everywhere and hanging out watching tv some looking so happy (almost to happy) and some looking as if they may cry. At first I didnt know what to think I was actually more scared than anyting. After I was checked in I was given a patient number, I was patient number 41243 (which I later on found out that 41243 was how many people they have helped in this facility I was 41,243rd patient that had been admitted). As soon I had gotten checked in I was then given my detox room which is where I would spend the next few days and nights, not like in lock down or anything like that. I could go any place in the treatment center as everyone else could, but this is where I would stay and could go while I was completely getting the drugs out of my system so I could be monitored in case of I was havng issues. Detox wasnt so bad for me which they were pretty surprised figuring how long I was on these drugs and the amount that I was doing right before I was admitted. I was very lucky figuring others were having seizures just after being in detox for one night some had to be hospitalized because they almost died but opposed to me having immediate withdrawls mine dragged on. I had the worse cravings and bad dreams and a lot of insomnia, there would be nights where I would be doing nothing but laying in bed or going into the commons and watching television. After the first few days in detox I was released from detox and I was able to attend all of the activities and classes. First thing in the morning was chapel which was a 630 and then there was breakfast at 730 and then there was lecture which there was a different topic every day which at first i found to be lame but then I actually started going reguarly and actually learned quite a bit about myself. Then small group which was a group of 6-9 people who were in a small counseling like setting which was my favorite because you didnt feel so much like on the spot and you still got a chance to share and you discussed issues that were important and could give your imput to each person just seemed more personable than lecture but not quite as on the spot as the couseling session that we had after lunch. Meals at Valley Hope were not bad they were actually pretty good they just put gravy on everything and i mean literally eveything. I entered treatment at 82 lbs and I left treament at about 98 :)After lunch then was ether free time for some, some had time with a preacher like person like a guidance counselor but you discuss religion and your higher power, and then some like for me I had counseling session. At first my counselor and I did not get a long what so ever, actually argued and batted heads the entire time. And then towards the end of treatment we actually started to get along. Treatment for me was an amazing experience I made a lot of friends in treatment and made friends with a lot of the staff and I learned so much about my self. Valley Hope honestly saved my life if I would not of decided to go I would probably be dead. I was lucky and everyday am thankful that God was with me the entire time that I was on the streets thinking and actually believeing that I knew what I was doing, thinking that I was smart on the street; when in acutality I could of been killed multiple times and raped, and by the grace of God he got me out of each situation some how. There was actually a situation- by the way before I went to treatment for about 1 week I had a friend of mine who had never done Meth or Adderall in her life with me we were at her friends house actually they were messing around and I was tired of feeling like a third wheel and felt like getting high so i called my dealer-friend and told him what was up and he then strolled thru with his friend and we drove around a bit I bought a teener- sorry I bought almost 2 ounces after already doing about that for myself well anyways then I got dropped back off to the apartment where my friend and her friend where and I was about to leave again and go to a party called a "dope party" where you do nothing but get high the entire time thats all everyone does and before I left with my friend-dealer my friend is like dont leave me without some so I decided to leave her a little shake-which is little pieces of dust and sometimes very small fragments of crystals that are in the bottom of the bag and she is like what do i do with this how do I do it I said you snort it and then I left. I returned at about 7 am I left her at the aparment about 2am , once I returned she was very upset because she had gotten high for the first time and I had left and they did it all and had nothing left so I gave her two adderall, which I knew whould hold her off a little bit longer. we then had to leave her friends house to go and try to get some more money to get some more dope to hold us off a little bit longer until we could figure out how to get more. I knew of a friends house where we could get more adderall without having to pay for it or have to do anything else for it.  We got about 15 adderall from him split them up and took them all we then went trying to find something to do went to her friends house that was down by the jail because I thought that was convient beccause the con artist counsin was in there and I was visiting him everyonce in a while and then so we decided to go to his house we hung out there drank quite and bit and then started to get bored I called my friend dealer and long story short my friend and I went with him and his friend and my friend about got raped and i interviened as if i was a man hitting this man while he was driving down the road as if I was 6 foot tall and 200 lbs and then I was able to get her out of the truck at a stop light safely and then I had to jump from the truck going about 15 miles an hour I know that might not sound fast but it was fast enough to frcture my elbow but mychin to where I should of gotten stitches and should of just went to the hospital but i didnt feel a thing, only figured out something was wrong when we went to mcdonalds to go to the bathroom and people were staring at us i then went to the bathroom and noticed the blood from both my chin and my elbow. This was just one situation where we were extrememly lucky wer could of easily both been raped and killed or what would of happened if we couldnt of gotten out of the truck where would we be today, I swear I had an angel sitting on my shoulder it was like God was right there with me. And everyday I am thank ful that he chose to give me one more day and help me out of all of that so I could learn and live to tell my story and to help people who might be struggleing with issues similar to mine.

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